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Namaste Collection

Posted by simona fossati bertino on

I have always been very curious about crystals and gemstones. My dad used to collect them and my sister knows their powers as well.

I, then, decided to go deeper in the subject and actually, fell in love with them.

I read few books about it and discovered their nature and origins, but most of all their meaning and healing properties.

They have been used in jewelry for Centuries and in any culture.

So I created this line of jewelry, simple and cute, using different types of crystals; being inspired by their properties and chakras. Of course, there is inside a taste of yoga and meditation too, which are daily practices in my journey.

Every creation comes accompanied of a note card, that tells you the "power" of the stone and chakras association.

All the crystals that I use, are purified in the ocean or in sea salt, then charged in the Hawaiian sunlight and finally mounted on jewelry.

Find out more about NAMASTE COLLECTION.


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