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The Circle Collection

Posted by simona fossati bertino on

I would like to tell you about my 2015 Collections... How do these were born, the ideas, the inspirations and the meanings.

Of course I will start with my dearest one: The Circle.

It is a simple shape in Euclidian geometry.

"The circle symbol meaning is universal, sacred and divine. It represents the infinite nature of energy, and the inclusivity of the Universe."

Some words are connected to the circle meaning as Inclusion, Wholeness, Focus, Unity, Nurturing, Cycles, Initiation, Everything, Perfection, Womb, Centering....

My favorites are Wholeness, Unity and Nurturing. I mean, these are the words that I feel closer enough to dedicate a whole collection to the Circle.

Also the shape.... it simplicity and yet elegance...It never ends.

The circle is related to the Sun, the moon, planets, our eyes... in every culture and not only this symbol has deep meaning, Celtyc, Alchemy, Native American, Spirituality and so on.


Check the video out:

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